What about Macleans College Golf ?

As a part of Macleans College family, one of the top co-education high school in New Zealand. 

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Macleans college Golf proudly presents this beautiful website, designated to bring more Macleans College students and faculty into the amazing world of golf. 

We are here with the  mission to provide more opportunities for you to play with pride and determination in a truly worldwide sport.

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"With seven national top 1% players, Macleans premier golf team became the 'icing on the cake' to the entire golf programme"  - Jerry Song

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3 Photos of the month


Daniel Ruttley, our PGA coach for the Macleans College Coaching programme, carries a golf bag for his student.


A new Golfer, Taylor Lei, enjoying his newly taught golf swing as he perfectly shoots the ball.


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Premier team 2015

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