Coaching programme

This programme is designed for relatively experienced golfers, who have the confidence and ability to play and want to take their game to the next level.  

The object of golf is not just to win. It is to play like a gentleman, and win.
— Phil Mickelson

the Advanced programme really gives you an opportunity to eXTEND yourself & to match your passion for golf with that of all of your teammates. It offers an opportunity for you to push to what you think are your limitations and then work to go beyond them.

Class Ratio

The Advanced  Programme will be operated in small groups of players that will be lead by a dedicated professional coach. Every golfer will be taught with care and will have a chance to improve the four key aspects of their game : Physical, Technical, Tactical, Mental.


We Will Be Focused On


-Short Game Development

e.g.Distance control and shot making


-Swing Fundamentals

e.g.Mechanics of the golf swing


-Course Management

e.g. How you manage yourself and your game on the golf course


-Tactical and Strategic Planning

e.g. Mapping green, course guide


e.g Following a golf specific gym program designed by a top physiotherapist


e.g Setting short and long term goals

how much does it cost?


Note: Enroll price will be 220 NZD for 10 consecutive weeks of lessons.

To access payment information please sign up! You will receive more detailed information via email about how to enroll.


what's included? 

Period : Ten weeks

10 lessons (1 hour 30 minutes) included


What is required?

  1. Golf gear is not included as we expect advanced players to have their own.
  2. Players who want to join the advanced program must have a handicap of 20 or below. Click here to learn how to calculate your Handicap.


Howick Golf Club

32 Musick Point Rd, Auckland 2012, New Zealand

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