Who Are We?              

We are Macleans Golf Association, a Non-Profit organisation founded by Mr Fennelly and two students in Macleans College, This website provide a window for the communication to fellow Macleans College students and the outside world.

We have 3 Missions


1. Bring more people into golf

To create an environment where young people can develop a sense of belonging and grow life-long friendships whilst competing at every level of golf from beginner to elite. 

To teach young people the value and health benefits of having a balanced lifestyle and the importance of becoming well rounded individuals.


2. Offer a quality coaching programme

We provide A specialised programme for both beginner players, an opportunity to work with a dedicated coach to improve their skills. The programme is offered all year-round for commonly 10 consecutive weeks at Howick Golf Club.

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  Coaching Programme
You said we’re a team. One person struggles, we all struggle. One person triumphs, we all triumph.
— - Coach Carter


3. Promote Our golf team

 Time and effort from Macleans College staff and students has made this a reality”. Our Premier teams currently has three players who have represented the Auckland Golf Association.

Captain: Ryan Cook(Y13 Student)      Conner Barker(Y11 Student)

            Jerry Song(Y11 Student)       Jimmy Zheng(Y10 Student)

What Macleans golfers achieved

  • Macleans Golf has a proud history with numerous successes. Recent school graduates Liv Cheng and Ole Edvard Granrud have both continued on with their golf careers by taking up scholarships to US Universities.